Democracy & Human Rights

Pakistan has mostly been ruled by undemocratic forces. Therefore, its state structure lacks a mechanism that ensures participation of the people in issues pertinent to governance. Absence of strong participatory mechanism in governance model has marginalized certain segments and communities of the society. Following its vision of democratic, socially just and tolerant society guided by participatory principles, NSDS endeavors to address the issue of governance through its programme of Democratic Governance.

The Human Rights & Democratic Governance Programme emphasizes mainstreaming of marginalized communities in decision making processes for the realizations of basic human rights as enunciated in the Universal Declaration of Human Rights (UDHR) and the Constitution of Pakistan. It will ultimately lead to the next stage of claiming rights from policy and decision making institutions through a democratic struggle. This will be achieved through extensive and sustained political education via in youth, activists, local communities, stakeholders, local leaders, change makers, political parties, lawyers, journalists, students unions, women, men & minorities with concept of passion.

NSDS has pledge & encourage the struggle of men, women, minorities & marginalized communities  &  NSDS  strives  to  empower  marginalized  communities  through  its activities and interventions across Baluchistan.

NSDS is implementing a project on “Democracy & Human Rights” in district Loralai with the collaboration of strengthening Participatory Organization (SPO) government of Pakistan.

NSDS also training cycle from Kissa Dimetra NGO based in Greece. In this Project NSDS  was  partner  the  members of  NSDS  received  capacity  building  training  this received training delivered by NSDS volunteers at the target area.

NSDS provided school bags, books & stationary material to girls & boys schools with the financial support of Kissa Dimetrai at target area. NSDS also received institutional instruments including computer, printer, scanner & UPS from Kissa Dimetrai Greece.