Education is the key peeler of soft development & hared development of the people Baluchistan is one of the lagging behind province of Pakistan in all education sectors the educational ratio in the province approximately 37 % percent. Baluchistan has for flung areas with 30 districts where the rigid tribal system & religious extremist to week the literacy rate with applying local traditions & customs in the area.  Mostly the population of the province lives in small and dispersed rural settlements with only 24 % urban population. Baluchistan is the poorest of Pakistan’s four provinces.

NSDS established grammar school in Nana Shahb Ziarat on March 1998 with a mission to spread the education in the target area. After that NSDS feel that girls primary school is necessary in the area in this regard NSDS established first Girls School in Nana Shab Ziarat with the support of Strengthening Participatory Organization (SPO) Quetta. keep in mind The area has more than 30000 thousand population but without girls school before establishment of NSDS girls school, NSDS run this school for more than five years then this school handed over to education department government of Baluchistan now the girls are getting education from that school in the result the people of the area became aware now they are enrolling their chilled in the school.

The Global Action Week of Education is celebrated globally every year. NSDS with the collaboration of PCE organized activities and events to mark the week in district Loralai. The main objective of this event is to spread the message about access to education as a basic human right and the importance of education for working children. It also aims to reiterate the importance uniform education system for every child in Pakistan. This event also emphasizes and demands from the government and policy makers to fulfill all the national and international commitments related to the quality education like Education for All and Millennium Development Goals. NSDS with the collaboration of PCE celebrates the Global Action Week (GAW) each year in April-May with the specific themes.