Social Mobilization

Social mobilization occupies a central place in organization approach with a primary focus  on  working with  poor & disadvantages.  Social  mobilization  is a participatory process, to raise awareness, mobilization & involve local institutions, local leaders, & local communities to organize for collective actions toward their common goal. Social Mobilization  is  one  of  the  core    &  main  component  of NSDS  with  strategy  of interventions is  to  forming, supporting, facilitating & capacity building of community organizations (CO), village organizations (VO) community based organizations (CBO) local activists, local leader, change makers & local communities. NSDS’s mandate is to strive  for  poverty  alleviation  through  people’s  potential  to  help  themselves  without gender discrimination, equity & equality to assume control of local development and improve their standard of living. Methodology of local community’s development is an important forum for empowering people to take an active role in the management of local development  initiatives.  By  ‘social’  is  meant  on  the  basis  of  common  ground  for  a common purpose. A ‘mobilized’ community is one that is able to identify its needs and find the resources necessary to meet those needs.