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Our Objectives

  • Political  and  civic  education  of  youth  and  women  to  enhance  their  active participation and develop their vibrant political role in society.
  • To alleviate poverty by developing a sustainable livelihood framework;
  • To mobilize and organize the marginalized segment of the society for their rights and ensure their access to essential services i.e. education, health, water and sanitation, etc.;
  • Create organized linkages and civic mechanisms to bridge the gap of political understanding among change actors like political parties, media , academia and civil society
  • To work  on  gender-based  violence,  protection  and  rehabilitation  of  women, children and minorities in difficult circumstances and ensuring their access to justice;
  • Create awareness among citizens for political rights through advocacy, action research and media and develop civic mechanisms for access to information
  • To address the causes of Food Insecurity and degradation of ecosystem;
  • To work on disaster risk reduction (DRR) and respond to natural calamities and human made conflicts;
  • To promote democratic values, interfaith harmony and human security;
  • Promote civil society education and  producing quality political literature through publications