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Scope & Areas of Intervention

NSDS  has  strong  linkages  with  major  influencing  figures  to  work  deep  in  the communities and CSOs to take into consideration of already existing issues for more comprehensive results with special reference to Research / Surveys in Baluchistan. It has undertaken initiatives in most of the districts in Baluchistan through collaboration with CBOs and activists. NSDS enjoys a rich experience of working in the diverse socio- cultural environment of Baluchistan and an extensive networking with the grassroots civil society institutions including media and political parties.


  • Economic development of communities to eradicate poverty
  • Basic Health Facilities especially for mother & child
  • Quality Primary Education for all Gender mainstreaming at all levels Partnership development at all levels
  • Capacity building of individuals and institutions
  • Good governance and transparency.
  • Soft development of disadvantage segments to introduce the concept of development